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Firstly let me apologise for letting you and the BAYKO Collectors Club down, by failing to keep this page up to date - sorry.

BAYKO 70th Birthday Cake - by Robin Throp
By now Charles Bird Plimpton, BAYKO's inventor, would be over a hundred and twenty five years old, having been born way back in 1893. In deed, as I write this, we are almost exactly seventy years after his death.
Down to earth practical man though he was, I'm sure he would have allowed himself a proud smile at the thought that, approaching ninety years after he launched BAYKO into a grateful world, his baby still has an enthusiastic group of followers - notice the late Robin Throp's 'BAYKO 70th Birthday Cake' [left], which he made for the 70th anniversary celebrations.
The BAYKO Collectors Club is a group of people who enjoy the delights of construction and architectural toys in general, and of BAYKO in particular.
The club meets 4 or 5 times a year in a relaxed, informal atmosphere, with members encouraged to show off new acquisitions and new models to members and non-members alike - yes, visitors are always genuinely welcome.
Each meeting is heralded by the production of an edition of the club's excellent magazine…
Most meetings take place at Lane End Village Hall, not far from Junction 5 [Stokenchurch] on the M40, which the ornithologists amongst you will recognise as one of the release centres for the Red Kites - still something of a rarity east of Offa's Dyke.
Why not JOIN NOW, you'll be very welcome - click here for the BAYKO Collectors Club Membership Page
Meetings have also been held in Liverpool, Nottingham, Daresbury (Cheshire), Sandy (Bedfordshire), Merstham (Surrey), Belbroughton (Worcestershire) and Congleton (Cheshire) - and we're always willing to try new venues to help us spread the word to a wider audience.
Entry to all our meetings is a mere £4.00. The refreshments, which are available all day, are similarly very reasonably priced - and very good!

Link to B.C.C. Website
The BAYKO Collectors Club also runs its own website…
For your greater protection the BAYKO Collectors Club is now a limited company…

Copy of the famous British Industry Fair skyscraper model - by David Poole
However, for most of us, the true attraction of club meetings is to the chance to talk and listen, to share and learn about BAYKO, and other construction toys, through making contact with fellow enthusiasts.
Members routinely bring along their latest acquisitions, projects and models, and will be equally happy discuss the tricks they have used to achieve particular effects, and look for, and offer, help and advice in whatever form you, or they, need to overcome the hurdle.
As well as that, we all like to show off our latest acquisitions, be they sets, parts or literature, to appreciative fellow members.
Friendly dealers - all of them Club members - will help you build up your collection, including long reproduction rods, large repro floors and a range of new BAYKO 2000 parts which, together, significantly increase the range of models you can build…
We can't emphasise enough that visitors are always genuinely welcome, so why not come along and join us - you'll be sure of a warm, friendly welcome, and it just may be the nudge you need!
To find out a little more about us, why not listen to Radio 4's “Home Truths” report on our BAYKO 70th 'Birthday Bash'…
Following the December, 2008 A.G.M., we have now introduced two innovations to all our future meetings : -
A raffle - modesty forbids naming the first winner!!!
A ten minute lunchtime talk on points of interest to by members to members.
The club also works together on large scale, joint projects, such as 'BAYKO-Loo', our first venture into London's underground system and the suburbs it supports.
The B.C.C., by popular request, has adopted a policy of promoting 'Mini-Meets', small meetings outside the normal annual timetable. I am pleased to be able to confirm that several such meetings have already taken place, each proving to be a great success. These provide excellent opportunities for collectors, particularly those who find it difficult to attend the main meetings, to get together and talk about their favourite subject - non-members are, of course, welcome. Where geographically practicable, we will try and get at least one experienced exhibitor from the regular meetings to join you.
If you feel you would like to arrange a mini-meet in your area, the B.C.C. would be happy to offer help and advice…

BAYKO Collectors Club Diary
All meetings normally start at 11:00 am, though the venue is always open from 10:00 am…
…all meetings normally finish at 4:00 pm
…please note, 2019 dates are booked and confirmed.
The Next B.C.C. Meetings
Sunday - June 9th, 2019
Lane End
Theme : -
With That WOW Factor.
10 minute talk : -
3D Printing
by Robert Palmer.
Sunday - September 15th, 2019
Lane End
Theme : -
A Day At The Seaside.
10 minute talk : -
Sunday - December 8th, 2019
Lane End
Theme : -
Winter Wonderland
10 minute talk : -

The BAYKO Collectors Club actively encourages members and friends to attend other exhibitions, to keep the BAYKO flag flying…

There was an interesting article in the first issue of the Armchair Antiques Magazine, September, 2007, on both BAYKO and the BAYKO Collectors Club…
Would you buy a used BAYKO set from these men? - club members at Sandy

I've now introduced a separate page to show any items of news about BAYKO, which will, obviously, include club related items from time to time…
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