BAYKO Brick Pack Patterns

Thanks to Geoff Lilleker for help with this information.
From the very start, BAYKO bricks were laid out flat in the sets to cover the largest possible area and look as good a value for money offering as possible. It's just a guess, but I suspect they weren't wrapped in cellophane until after the war.
In the factory, the bricks were laid out, face down, on a sheet of cellophane, then a card was placed on top and the cellophane glued [later, cellotape] down to the back of the card to seal the pack. This wrapping ensured new sets always looked their best.
For those unfamiliar with them, the image [right] shows what a wrapped card looks like.
The additional packing costs to wrap the Bricks, etc. would have been off set by : -
The packing time for both Standard and Conversion sets would be massively reduced.
Intermediate stocks of wrapped parts would facilitate greater set packing flexibility.
The patterns [below] are used by both Plimpton and MECCANO to present the Bricks, Canopies, Doors and Windows in their various BAYKO sets.
Where the same pattern was used during both periods I have shown the Plimpton era pattern, but, if you move your mouse over the image, it will reveal the MECCANO era equivalent.
The set contents weren't identical for all Plimpton era and MECCANO sets, and we know that MECCANO weren't above 'throwing' a few parts into open [or at least partly closed] areas of the sets, when necessary.
Just a small observation, symmetry certainly wasn't mandatory for these Brick Patterns, indeed in some cases it may not even have been possible, non-the-less, most patterns are, indeed, symmetrical.
Spare a thought for the girls - it almost certainly was girls - who spent large chunks of their lives producing these patterns!
Just a thought, fitting parts to patterns inevitably meant that the exact number of some BAYKO parts, in some sets, must have been dictated by the need to fill the exact pattern shape.

Sets #0 and #11

The brick pack patterns for sets #0 and #11

Sets #0X and #11C

Brick pack patterns for sets #0X and #11C

Sets #1 and #12

Brick pack patterns for sets #1 and #12

Sets #1X and #12C

Brick pack patterns for sets #1X and #12C

Sets #2, #3, #4 and #13, #14, #15

Fisrt brick pack pattern for sets #2, 3 and 4 and #13, 14 and 15
Second brick pack patterns for sets #2,3 and 4 and #13,14 and 15

Sets #2X, #3, #4 and #13C, #14, #15

Brick pack patterns for sets #2X, 3 and 4 and #13C, 14, 15

Sets #3X and #4

First brick pack pattern for sets #3X and 4

I've attempted to show the central column of the Balustrades, with dotted lines, for a reason [above]. Several of them have been rotated through ninety degrees. The pointed top edge of these parts may have been thought to make the pattern less stable, however, rotation would have 'keyed' them into the adjacent rod groove…

…or maybe they just thought it looked prettier!
Second brick pack pattern for sets #3X and 4
Third brick pack pattern for sets #3X and 4

Sets #14C and #15

Brick pack pattern for sets #14C and 15

Well, I hope you found that useful…
…you've no excuse now for not titivating that prized possession!
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