MECCANO Era “Confused” BAYKO Brochure

Thanks to Chris Reeve for scanning his excellent document for me, though I'm now the proud owner of one.
Well, there's no problem with this image - or is there? Printed in 1960, this MECCANO Products Catalogue [the first after the takeover] was intended, as the two part script says [printed on the left hand edge and near the upper right hand edge] “Programme for 1960” & “To Dealers in Meccano Products”. Let's take a look and see what you think, then read on.
Well, Mr. MECCANO has proudly displayed the BAYKO logo towards the bottom left hand corner of the booklet's front cover…
The front cover of the 1960 MECCANO brochure / catalogue
…but it's the wrong logo!!!
This is a colourful version of one of the later Plimpton era logos NOT the eventual MECCANO era logo!!!
Apart from that, it's clear to see that MECCANO certainly intended to integrate BAYKO into their portfolio, in fact page 2 states : -
“Bayko is now a member of the Meccano family and will be available in a smart new presentation. The colours of some of the parts have been changed, producing models more modern in character.”

But then : -

This is page 22 of the brochure, with many strange features, not least the fact that the BAYKO logo on the page itself and the two on the top and the side of the BAYKO set “wrapper”, as illustrated, are all different - and different to the front cover logo as well!!!
The model isn't too bad : -
Just a rather strange Window to the left of the door, the opposite pattern to all the others shown in the model…
…also there's a Plimpton era Chimney [cut down].
Then there's the “wrapper” - their name for the box lid!
Page 22 of the 1960 MECCANO brochure / catalogue
The BAYKO sets are shown here as #1 to #4, which became sets #11 to #14 from the relaunch.
Was this to avoid an unfavourable comparison with Plimpton era sets #1 to #4, [which would, of course, have been larger] or was it to avoid confusion with MECCANO sets?
The boxed set shown is not too dissimilar to the finished article - apart from the logo again. The model shown on the set is the same as the one to the left of the page, though shown at an unfamiliar angle. This model, corrected to show the window and chimney parts which were actually produced, was used in support of set #13.
The text in the BAYKO section of the page is as follows : -
“B A Y K O has a well-establish reputation as an aristocrat among Building Toys, and is a very worthy addition to the range of Meccano products. The precision moulded parts are practically indestructible. Due to the ingenious method of interlocking construction the parts are easy to handle, yet the models are strong and rigid. A glance at the illustration shows the attractive new style wrapper which will be used for the new BAYKO. Colours of some of the parts have been altered to produce buildings in a more contemporary style, and the windows are now glazed.”
The phrase “interlocking construction” raises a few eyebrows! Similarly, I certainly don't regard POLYSTYRENE Bricks as “indestructible” - a simple 'kettle test' will give the lie to that one!
In addition to the U.K. version of this brochure, there was a near identical general export version, where the one minor - but notable - difference includes the comment that BAYKO, in its new MECCANO guise, would not be available until 1961
241 x 184 mm = 9.5 x 7.25 inches

Elsewhere in the brochure it refers to a “Bayko Leaflet (in full colour) Supplies available to Dealers on application - Free of charge.”, which is, almost certainly, a reference to a similarly confused BAYKO flier…
In most cases I tend to support the 'cock-up' theory of life rather than the 'conspiracy' theory and that's probably what applies here too - but you've got to admit it's odd!
Perhaps, to be fair, as this document must have actually been drafted in 1959, it's best viewed as valiant effort, given that time for signing off on all the BAYKO related decisions would clearly have been very limited in deed at that stage.
There are three further MECCANO General Products Catalogues…
There were also a more consistent stream of simpler, General products Price Lists…
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