BAYKO - Print Hint

Please don't get over excited, I'm not setting myself up as a computer expert, but I thought these notes might be useful to anybody who wants to print out a personal copy of any of the BAYKO information tables on the site.
The issue here is that I've used highlight colours as keys to provide additional information which relates to the highlighted areas.
Unfortunately these may not show when you print them out for your own use...
...unless you change the settings on your browser...
...which you do like this [or something similar] : -
Left click on the "START" button.
Left Click on "SETTINGS".
Left click on "CONTROL PANNEL".
Double [left] click on "INTERNET OPTIONS".
Left click on the "ADVANCED" tab.
Scroll down the list displayed until you reach the "PRINTING" section.
Left click the box to the left of "PRINT BACKGROUND COLOURS AND IMAGES".
Left click on "OK".
Close or Minimise the "CONTROL PANNEL".
To reverse this, simply repeat the above 9 steps, in exactly the same way, to switch off [or toggle] the background printing option.
The above version is for Internet Explorer Version 6, but I am advised that the same principle applies to other versions and to other browsers.
I hope that helps.
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