BAYKO Adverts with STYRON

The name STYRON is a trademark of the Dow Chemical Company, under which they have marketed a range of POLYSTYRENE resins [a form of plastic as you probably guessed] since 1938.
The two adverts below clearly indicate that Plimpton were buying their POLYSTYRENE resins from Dow in 1959. The fact that the British Resin Products, part of the Dow Chemical Company, sought to associate themselves with the world's finest plastic construction toy must stand as a measure of the position which BAYKO held in the U.K. toy market at the time…
…it also seems to indicate a certain commercial naivety on Dow's part…
…surely they must have noticed the drop in sales volume!!!
These adverts nicely bracket the time that Plimpton were going under and MECCANO were taking over.

'British Toys', June, 1959

BAYKO in STYRON Advert in British Toys, June, 1959
BAYKO Advert in British Toys, June, 1959
This advert by British Resin Products, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, is particularly interesting given the fact that one of Plimpton's own adverts was displayed immediately below it.
We know that they were separate adverts as the two companies were listed, individually, in the directory of advertisers at the rear of the publication.
The near identity of the models shown in the two adverts clearly indicates that Plimpton, or their tame advertising agency, C. Vernon & Sons of Rodney Street, Liverpool, were very much joint partners in the venture, and, almost certainly, provided the artwork for the B.R.P. advert.
One point of interest is that the B.R.P. model is equipped with the latest television aerial, and is thus more up to date than the the BAYKO one!
The use of 'British Toys', and no others that I've been able to find, as the vehicle for this short lived cooperation, is also indicative of the rapid climb to prominence achieved by that publication in just 5 short years.

'British Toys', September, 1959

That this was the last cooperative venture between Plimpton and British Resin Products is, perhaps, further emphasised by the fact that the BAYKO advert in the same issue is on a separate page!
British Toys, September, 1959 - BAYKO in STYON advert - there was a BAYKO advert elsewhere in the issue
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