BAYKO Adverts with the BAKELITE Company

The plastic known as BAKELITE was the world's second commercial plastic [CELULOID was the first] and materials to make it could be sourced, though not uniquely, from the BAKELITE Company.
In its earliest years, BAYKO was clearly manufactured using materials supplied by the BAKELITE Company and there appears to have been a healthy, co-operative relationship between the two companies.
The evidence for this is unarguable and there are examples of BAYKO being included, or in deed featured, in the BAKELITE Company's advertisements to the UK toy trade.
Below are laid out the joint adverts I've unearthed so far, I will attempt to unearth others as soon as I can…
In the mean time, click on any of the images below to see a larger image…

'British Plastics and Moulded Product Trader'

1934, December
As far as I can establish, this advert enjoys the distinction of being the first ever BAYKO advert…
BAYKO in BAKELITE advert in Games and Toys, December, 1934

'Toy Trader'

October, 1936
November, 1936
BAYKO in BAKELITE advert in Games and Toys, October, 1936
BAYKO in BAKELITE advert in Games and Toys, November, 1936
The script at the bottom of the left hand column on both adverts reads as follows : -
The house illustrated is made up with the “Bayko” Light Constructional Sets produced from BAKELITE Moulding Materials by the Plimpton Engineering Co. Ltd., of Liverpool. A large variety of buildings can be made - houses, garages, forts, etc. and their excellent design creates a sense of proportion and beauty in the young mind.
It's difficult to say just what impact this advert would have had on BAYKO's business, but, by association, the status of BAYKO in the toy trade is there for all to see…
…and that after only 2 year's trading!
BAYKO in BAKELITE advert in Games and Toys, May, 1938
There is no actual mention of BAYKO in the text of the advert…
…never-the-less, the model of a detached house shown in the advert is, unmistakably, BAYKO.
Well, that's it so far, but I'll add as many as I can find, as soon as I find them…
1938, May
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