My BAYKO Wanted List

Firstly let me stress that I'm a BAYKO collector not a dealer, so the truth is that I want anything and everything - but, unfortunately, I don't have an infinite bank account.
I hope, after all the effort in preparing the site, you'll excuse this 'wanted ad'!
These are my priorities : -

Boxed BAYKO Sets

Brown Brick pre-war Set 2
Any boxed set where the box is not blue [i.e. red, maroon, brown, green etc.]
Of particular interest are early, and immediately post-war Conversion Sets and larger pre-war sets.
Any pre-war BAYKO set in a blue box.
Most mint, boxed sets with parts still wrapped in the original film.

Please click here to e-mail me if you have any BAYKO sets for sale.

Job Lots / BAYKO Collections

Some of the Brown, Oak and White parts I am looking for
In some ways this is my favourite bit - building up the BAYKO stock that I can play with!!!
These can be a mixture of any or all of the different BAYKO periods, but this should help narrow down what I'm particularly looking for : -
All chocolate / brown / maroon plastic pieces [other than flooring].
All parts in mottled green or mottled brown ('Oak').
Some of the Orange and less common coloured parts I am looking for
All shapes of window or door in white.
All BAYKO parts in Orange.
BAKELITE Arches in white or any shade of green (as well as those covered above).
Bay Window Covers [semicircles] and in white or grey (as well as those covered above).
Canopies [flat, 5 holes] white or grey (as well as those covered above).
1-Brick Pillars, like the one [left] sitting all lonely in the middle of the large green Base!
Turrets [things that look like the tops of castle walls, there are four different Turret styles in total] in any colour other than red.
Rare Parts in a Band Stand model - click here foe a larger image
Steps in red, white or dark grey (as well as those covered above).
Side Steps in any colour.
Platforms in any colour.
Pillars in any colour other than white (as well as those covered above).
All sizes and colours of Wall Capping [almost square cross-section, 3, 6 or 9 holes through].
Pale green, translucent early post-war base
One-piece Small, Medium and Large Roofs in any colour other than the standard BAYKO red.
Mottled green bases of either size.
Pale blue or pale green bases.
Any parts with a manufacturing error - you can sometimes learn a lot about the manufacturing process by studying what went wrong - it tells you what they were trying to do.

BAYKO Packaging etc.

Plimpton era cardboard retail Cabinet - this one actually came from a shop in Antwerp, Belgium
Wholesale packaging, as used, by both Plimpton or MECCANO, to ship BAYKO parts to retailers, preferably with their contents intact.
Retail display packaging, as used to sell spare BAYKO parts direct to the pocket money brigade, again, preferably with contents intact.
Retail display materials and equipment.
Retail Cabinets - wooden or cardboard.
BAYKO Storage Boxes.
BAYKO Display Models.

BAYKO Literature and Paperwork

A variety of BAYKO fliers
BAYKO correspondence.
4 different post-war BAYKO manuals
Promotional material.
Commercial or trade papers.
Adverts in newspapers, comics or trade publications.
Photos or articles on BAYKO, from any source.
If you do have anything for sale then I hope you will consider me - as I said at the top, I'm a collector, not a dealer, so…
…I really can can offer a good home for your BAYKO.
I want to make this site as comprehensive as I can, so again, if you have any interesting items, to loan or send electronically, so that I can add them to the site, then I'd be very grateful and would love to hear from you.
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