First BAYKO Patent - #422,645

This is the first, but certainly not the last Patent which was granted in respect of BAYKO, respecting its innovative position in the plastic constructional toy market.
First BAYKO patent front cover
C.B. Plimpton, BAYKO's inventor, made patent application #32,235/33 in respect of “An Improved Constructional Building Toy”, on November 20th, 1933.
First patent page 2
Conversations with C.B.'s surviving daughters suggest this was after the early trial production runs and limited quantities were already being tested on the market.
He supported the patent application with additions on June 23rd, 1934 as preparations for the full launch of BAYKO Light Constructional sets were well advanced.
Patent #422,645 was finally granted on January 16th, 1935, by which time 'Games and Toys', the main U.K. toy trade paper of the day, was already going to press with rave reviews.
All the familiar aspects of BAYKO that “children of all ages” have known and loved are there, though with no reference to the familiar dimensions, or any dimensions for that matter.
First patent page 3
First patent page 4
First patent page 5
There were also references to possible production of metal as well as plastic parts - just in case?
The drawing [below] was the only one actually included in the final specification.
The basic BAYKO concepts are all there, as expected : -
First patent page 6 - the drawing
More surprising items are some of the other items which were included as well : -
Link-able bases.
Metal components?
Framework of Rods.
Horizontal rods?
Grooved panels.
Brick finish.
…not seen until the mid 1950s!
Doors & Windows.
Hinged parts…
Roofs & Floors.
…only appearing in 1959!
Rods through panels - e.g. Full Corner Bricks.
Lugs for rods - 1963 flanged bricks?
The bottom line is that BAYKO was accepted, with the help of Patent Agent, A. J. Davies of Liverpool, as being innovative enough to be granted a patent - I'm sure the marketeers made the most of that!
Negative image of the left hand image submitted with the patent
The images either side of here are 'work in progress', negative versions of the original artwork which was under development, by Plimpton, as part of their preparations for their patent submission.
In case you don't recognise them, they form the two halves of the last page of the submission. [above]
I don't know about you, but I find this negative view much more striking than the more conventional positive view…
…perhaps it's just the novelty value, I'm not sure.
Either way I think they make an interesting addition to the First BAYKO Patent page.
These two images are shown courtesy of the Liverpool Maritime Museum.
Negative image of the right hand image submitted with the patent
The 'Toy Trader', a key publication for the UK toy trade, in their October, 1934 issue, announced that Charles Bird Plimpton had been granted trademark #552,209 on September 12th, 1934
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