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‘ABOUT’ [1 page]
About website. - Site Search Engine [1 page]'s internal search engine by ZOOM software.
BAYKO Bulletin Board by BAYKOMAN [1 page]
Ex-Forum for collectors of BAYKO or other construction toys.
New Additions [1 page]
New information added to the site in the last few weeks.
Home Page [1 page]
Home Page of
BAYKO - Quick Introduction [2 pages]
A brief introduction to the BAYKO system and what it can do.
BAYKO Collectors Club [5 pages]
Information supporting the aims and objectives of the club.
Accessories [9 pages]
Information on the less glamorous BAYKO bits and pieces.
Advertising [26 pages]
BAYKO adverts in newspapers, magazines, comics and trade publications.
Advertising Puffs [34 pages]
BAYKO mentions in the Trade Press - supporting promotional campaigns.
Articles - ‘Architect’ [12 pages]
A series of articles promoting BAYKO in 'MECCANO Magazine'.
Articles - mine [26 pages]
Articles I have written for the BAYKO Collectors Club Magazine, etc.
Company & Family [23 pages]
Information about Plimpton, MECCANO Ltd., Lines Bros. & BAYKO's inventor.
Exhibitions [10 pages]
Information about BAYKO promotions via Trade Exhibitions.
Exports [31 pages]
BAYKO as sold around the world.
Girls and BAYKO [1 page]
BAYKO was never just one of the boys!
Links [1 page]
A selection of links to BAYKO dealers and other hobby sites.
Literature [13 pages]
All forms of BAYKO paperwork, correspondence and advertising leaflets.
Manuals [124 pages]
The complete range of BAYKO manuals - use the buttons for the animated view.
Marketing [17 pages]
Info. on the range of Sales and Marketing techniques for promoting BAYKO.
Nerd's Corner [3 pages]
A view of BAYKO collecting - with tongue firmly in cheek!
Packaging [10 pages]
How the packaging industry impacted on BAYKO.
Patents [7 pages]
How the Patents and other legal protection systems impacted on BAYKO.
Plastics [8 pages]
Information about the world of Plastics in which BAYKO succeeded.
Product [5 pages]
Information on the actual BAYKO parts.
Rarities [7 pages]
Information on the rarer BAYKO parts, packaging, etc.
Retail Cabinets and Display [7 pages]
How BAYKO was presented in toy shops.
Retail Channels [12 pages]
Where BAYKO was sold over the years.
Sets [31 pages]
A history of BAYKO sets and there evolution.
◄ 1934 - 1936 ►
◄ Ornamental ►
◄ 1937 - 1938 ►
◄ Late 1938 ►
◄ Special Sets ►
◄ 'New Series' ►
◄ 'New Series' ►
◄ 1946 - 1949 ►
◄ 1949 - 1959 ►
◄ 1960 - 1962 ►
◄ 1962 - 1964 ►
◄ 'Flange' Bricks ►
Personal Stuff! [6 pages]
Some personal information about me.
Sale Items. [9 pages]
Some items and services I can supply to promote, help you play with, BAYKO.
'Which?' Product Reviews [1 page]
A belated review of construction toys, including BAYKO.
Other Interesting Items [33 pages]
Miscellaneous appearances of BAYKO in the press or other publications.
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