BAYKO Sets #0 to #3 Instruction Leaflet -
1948 to 1949 - 4 Pages

This Instruction Leaflet, made from a single, folded sheet, was produced by Plimpton, probably as part of the launch, or, more likely, just after, of the new BAYKO set #3 in 1948. It replaced the earlier “How to Build with BAYKO 1946 Instruction Leaflet, and there is, in deed, evidence that some of the earliest #3 sets still had the older leaflet. A little disappointingly, neither the parts display, nor the Spare Parts list include any of the imminent range of new spare parts.
This would have been included in all BAYKO sets alongside the other manuals of the period, until the first comprehensive set #0 to #3 manual was produced in 1949
…though they were still being posted to customers in April, 1950
It is quite likely that these leaflets were also included with conversion sets, at least for a short period, so that Plimpton could ensure that people expanding their collection were aware of the [then] recent expansion of the BAYKO range. In this case, the leaflets would have been too large to fit in the boxes, so they would need an additional fold, and there is indeed evidence for this. The second fold was done in such a way that the two separate tables on page four [below], i.e. parts price list and set contents list, formed the front and back, respectively, of the resultant smaller, folded format.
This Leaflet is printed, double sided, in black ink, on cheap, off-white paper and folded once, vertically, to create the 4 page format.

Size 250mm x 189mm = 9.8 x 7.45 inches.

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Page 1 of the 1948 leaflet
Page 2 of the 1948 leaflet
Page 3 of the 1948 leaflet
Page 4 of the 1948 leaflet
This leaflet contains just 4 pages, laid out, in the order they are here, in a conventional booklet format.

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