BAYKO in the Shire Library
'The British Toy Industry'

This is a really excellent book, written by Kenneth D Brown, published by 'Shire Library' [ISBN 978-0-74780-824-4] and including full colour illustrations.
The front cover [below, left] is a reproduction of the famous front cover of the December, 1954 'MECCANO Magazine' which, uniquely, features a non MECCANO product - BAYKO.
The book traces the history of the British Toy Industry from the Victorian era onwards, including the death of many of its major players.
Altogether there are three references to the world's first, and finest, plastic construction toy : -
On page 26 : -
“Another early plastic, bakelite, provided the main material for Plimpton Engineering's Bayko - brick sections, windows and doors, which, slotted between upright metal rods and held together with tin ties, could be used to construct model buildings.”
Front cover of The British Toy Industry by Kenneth D Brown
Page 41 of The British Toy Industry by Kenneth D Brown
Page 42 of The British Toy Industry by Kenneth D Brown
On page 41 [above, centre] : -
“Bayko, which Meccano had acquired in 1949, scored equally poorly and had not been marketed very vigorously. In the wings lurked the threat of a flexible, less complex construction toy based on studded plastic bricks, and sold in Britain from 1959 by British Lego.”
Please note, the takeover date of “1949” above, should be read “1959”.
The phrase “scored equally poorly” makes reference to the November, 1964 'Which?' report, which was unfavourable as far as BAYKO was concerned…
There is also a small caption for the BAYKO set #15 illustrated : -
“Meccano never marketed Bayko with sufficient vigour.”
On page 42 [above, right] BAYKO is mentioned in both captions : -
“Like Meccano itself, Bayko required literate and dexterous users.”
“Lego proved more appealing than either Meccano or Bayko.”
Sadly, both these caption comments proved only too true, particularly the latter.
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