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This section was the result of an impulse acquisition of an ebay "buy it now" photograph, which has now become the first item on this page. [below] It actually took me a while to decide on the best way to display it in a way that enhanced the site. I thought "nostalgia" best summed up the atmosphere generated by the first black and white 1950s image.
While the image [right] speaks for itself, sadly, it arrived provenance free. The bane in the life of a would-be archivist-cum-historian.
Photo of a young lad in bed with his BAYKO
Though the slightly cheeky grin probably gives the lie to it, nonetheless we could be talking about a miraculous recovery in the sick room here…
…however, he's clearly making the best possible start to the day, with a lie-in on a nice sunny morning - saturday or sunday would be my bet - with his BAYKO set.
However, I'm afraid I can only award the picture nine out of ten - I have to deduct one mark for the [too] jaunty angle of the BAYKO Roof!
The metal bed and sparse decoration together with the impression of hospital corners, have a whiff of the institutional about them, but if that's the case, the aforementioned cheeky smile is a testament to its successful work.
I'm certainly interested in adding to this new page, so if you can provide further items [for which full attribution will, of course, be given] then I'd love to hear from you…
Pat Fereday with her BAYKO, c. 1955
The next two items are actually both culled from elsewhere on the site. [Perhaps gleaned would have been more appropriate.] However, I hope you'll agree with me, that they fit well into this 'new nostalgic niche'.
The first of these images [left] shows a thoroughly engrossed, young Pat Fereday, in mid build, with her much loved BAYKO set c. 1955.
It's good to know that Pat's enthusiasm for the world's first, and finest, plastic construction toy has continued beyond the age of 21, and, for more information…
John Setrakian with his BAYKO
The next image [right] shows a young John C. Setrakian, proudly photographed with his latest BAYKO project in 1966.
At the time John was living in Beirut, but long ago moved to Canada, where he too has continued his relationship with BAYKO
Now you've had the chance to get the flavour of this section, and, perhaps, think you have something BAYKO-related, which you can contribute, then I really would love to hear from you…
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