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There really is no other way to describe this section other than 'eclectic', but, if anything, that's more of a compliment that a criticism. The objective is to include [almost] anything I come across which has a BAYKO link, no matter how tenuous.
In other words, absolutely anything can, and will, go into this section, but the real intent is to include relevant articles from magazines, newspapers or books; or any other snippets of information which take my fancy.
Picture from a Daily Telegraph retrospective article on Christmas 1942
All the items will satisfy one or more of the following : -
They impacted on BAYKO itself.
They impacted on the wider toys market place.
They reflect, in some way, the way the world perceived BAYKO.
They include BAYKO in a reminiscence over lost childhood.
They were written [without bias, of course!] by a BAYKO fanatic enthusiast.
I hope you enjoy the items I've included.
I'd love to significantly expand this section with any interesting and relevant[-ish] items, - there's obviously a broad spectrum of things to have a go at, so, if you have any items or ideas which you think would slot neatly into this section, then I'd love to hear from you…

The thirty items I've accumulated so far are : -
'Architecture on the Carpet' by Brenda and Robert Vale
'Armchair Antiques' Magazine
BAYKO Article
'Best of British' Magazine, February, 2002
Building Toys Article
'Best of British' Magazine, October, 2002
BAYKO Article
'Best of British' Magazine, December, 2019
BAYKO Article
'British Breweries'
by Lynn Pearson
'British Toy Industry'
Shire Library
'Building Toys'
Shire Library
'Constructional Toys'
Shire Albums
'Classic Toys Magazine' - Issue 5
BAYKO Article - part 1
'Classic Toys Magazine' - Issue 6
BAYKO Article - part 2
'Collecting the 1950s' by Madeleine Marsh
Contemporary Article on MECCANO's Demise Reprinted in 'Hornby Dublo Trains'
'Daily Mail'
BAYKO Article
'Daily Telegraph'
Christmas, 1942 retrospective
'Daily Telegraph'
Property in Salford, 2002
DINKY TOYS Exhibition, Birkenhead
Catalogue Article on BAYKO
'Dolls House' Magazine
BAYKO Article
'GUARDIAN' Assorted mentions of BAYKO
'Illustrated London News'
BAYKO & War Bonds
'MECCANO Magazine'
BAYKO in the background
'Memories of the 1940s' Jigsaw by Gibsons
'Model Collector' Magazine
BAYKO with model buses
'Remember When'
by Robert Opie
'The History of British Toys' by Deborah Jaffé
The 'Plastiquarian' Plastics Historical Society Journal
'The Times'
Various mentions of BAYKO
'Toy Trader'
Plastics in War and Peace
'Toy Trader'
Post-War Exports
U.K. Purchase Tax
Its effects on BAYKO

Well, that's all I've managed to acquire, so far. However, I'm sure there must be more out there. If you know of any other articles or items of interest mentioning the world's first and finest plastic construction toy, then I'd love to hear from you…
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