Famous BAYKO Owners

Firstly, an appeal, if you know of, or, even better, if you are, a famous individual who's young, or indeed not-so-young, life was enhanced by a treasured BAYKO set, then I'd love to hear from you to swell this page…
…there must be plenty out there.
With your help, I would love to make this a bulky section.
I hope you find it interesting.

The Duke of Gloucester

Sadly I can't remember where I first heard that His Royal Highness, the Duke of Gloucester was, as a boy, the proud owner of a BAYKO building set, but, having done so, I thought I would follow it up and wrote to ask if it were true, and, if so, who gave it to him?
The result of my inquiry, a much appreciated response [right] from Alistair Wood Esq. MBE, private secretary to both the Duke and the Duchess of Gloucester.
If you click anywhere on the image of his letter, you will see a larger image which you should find easier to read.
The letter, dated 16th December, 2011, reads : -
Dear Mr Bradley,
The Duke of Gloucester has asked me to thank you for your letter of the 30th November, 2011 about BAYKO Building Sets.
His Royal Highness does remember his BAYKO building set, but not who gave it to him. He thinks, given the time frame, that although it could have been the late Queen Mother, it was more likely to have been given to him by Queen Mary, the then Queen Mother.
The Duke of Gloucester hopes that this may be helpful, but time has dulled the precision of the recollection.
Yours sincerely
Alistair Wood
A further, to me, intriguing little detail : -
KELLOGGS, for whom I worked for over thirty years, used to insist that we always capitalised, and generally respected the company logo in all communications, including internal emails. That is why I capitalise and italicise all the brand names, including BAYKO, throughout the website. I find it interesting to see this reflected in this reply.
Letter from the Duke of Gloucester
Duke of Gloucester's franked envelope
For completeness, and because I find the franking interesting, I thought I would include an image of the envelope in which the Duke of Gloucester's letter arrived [above].
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