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March, 1998

This article was printed in the 'DOLLS HOUSE' magazine, published in March, 1998. despite its 'parochial' title, the magazine was omnivorous in its approach to the collecting hobby.
The article features Robin Throp, a long time BAYKO Collectors Club member, highlighting several of his models, rather than focusing on BAYKO itself. Non-the-less I felt it would be a useful addition to the site…
…even if it does include a photograph of Robin!

BAYKO Article - DOLLS HOUSE Magazine, March, 1998 - page 18
BAYKO Article - DOLLS HOUSE Magazine, March, 1998 - page 19

Please note that the numbers in brackets below refer to labels on the photographs incorporated in the article. The script of the article is as follows : -
The Bayko Collection
Historian Robin Throp caused quite a stir at Alexandra Palace, with his excellent display of Bayko.
One model is of Sherrardswood Senior School, Welwyn, which is the one his son Tony attended.
The model of the school was built in 1995, took some 35 hours and contained approximately 2500 parts. It is a single storey building, with attic conversion - clever!
Robin is currently building a model of the junior school, which was built in 1710, and estimates that it will take more than 7,000 parts. The size of the finished layout is expected to be approximately 3ft x 5ft and 12ins high.
It is 3-storey at the front and single storey at the rear - built on a steep site.
This model appears as a photograph only on a late 1950s brochure and was originally created for a World Trade Fair. Robin has modified the building and incorporated typical utilities buildings on top - i.e. vent's and lift shafts. Fencing and a wider colour choice enhances the model which is complimented with red turrets. Not an easy model to make. The top needed to be planned with rods at the bottom, then support had to be provided for the top. Robin tells us that it was a real challenge and would probably not be allowed now, with all the dangerous rods poking out.
APU's QUICKIE MART (c/o the Simpsons) (4)
This was an experiment with cut roofs. Several of these are rare and pre-war.
The castle is built from various pre-war colours and parts (1933-1939). Robin is seeking more of these, especially the brown bricks and orange parts.
Due to space restrictions in his car, Robin was unable to bring all of this model to Alexandra Palace.
It represents real buildings he has worked in. Shoddy is reprocessed rags for cleaning cloths, while mungo is reprocessed heavy cloth, used for army uniforms and padding in settees. This was once a very important, but peculiarly British industry and is now sadly in decay.
Robin is always on the lookout for more Bayko pieces, so if you have any which you would like to find a home for, then please contact him at…
Well, I hope you enjoyed that!
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