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Despite the fact that all the early inclusions in this section come from the 'MECCANO Magazine', I decided that this should stand as a separate section. After all, there was no deliberate marketing push to include BAYKO, in any of these images. Non-the-less they do provide real examples of how the world's first, and finest, plastic construction toy found its way into other areas of the playroom and I think that makes them interesting.
The images below show a variety of model railway and DINKY TOY layouts, all with the good sense to include BAYKO in the background.
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'MECCANO Magazine' - May, 1949

Eric Kenyon with his DINKY TOY layout
Eric Kenyon with his DINKY TOY layout
The model display depicted here is dedicated to DINKY TOYS rather than model railways.
These two pictures appeared on Page 173 of the May, 1949 issue of 'MECCANO Magazine'. Both of them show BAYKO models to the left [from our perspective] of the modeller, Eric Kenyon of Blackburn, who was I suspect, like Russell Harty, a member of a local greengrocer family.
It's nice to see my old home town getting in on the act!

'MECCANO Magazine' - September, 1950

MECCANO Magazine September, 1950
From Page 423 of the September, 1950 issue of 'MECCANO Magazine'. The caption reads : -
“The scenic Hornby-Dublo layout of T.M. Pearce, Wells, Somerset. Good use is made of Dinky Toys and other items of lineside interest.”
…including BAYKO models at the back.

'MECCANO Magazine' - June, 1954

These two images appeared in the June, 1954 issue of 'MECCANO Magazine' on pages 296 and 297.
MECCANO Magazine June, 1954 page 296
MECCANO Magazine June, 1954 page 297
“Above is a general view of the Hornby layout developed by Mr. H.J. Holt. The Station premises and the Goods Platform are conveniently near to one another and form a recognisable unit, as in actual practice.”
…the BAYKO is front left - with an odd chimney!
Page 296
“A view of the goods yard and depot with the passenger station beyond. Good use is made of Dinky Toys for road services.”
…with the BAYKO back left.
Page 297

'MECCANO Magazine' - January, 1958

This image comes from the January, 1958 issue of 'MECCANO Magazine' and is interesting because of the location of the model…
…Nkana, Northern Rhodesia - now Zambia.
“M.M.” reader James Davidson, of Nkana, Northern Rhodesia, busy with his Hornby-Dublo layout. Photograph by courtesy of the Editor of the “Rhokana Review.”
…the BAYKO is central top and bottom.
MECCANO Magazine January, 1958

'MECCANO Magazine' - March, 1959

MECCANO Magazine March, 1959
This image comes from the March, 1959 issue of the 'MECCANO Magazine'. The caption below the picture read : -
“Tables of different levels provide a realistic setting for the Girder Bridge on the layout of Christopher Roberts, Wem.”
…the BAYKO is in the centre.

'MECCANO Magazine' - June, 1959

This image appeared in 'MECCANO Magazine', in the June, 1959 issue, on page 313.
The caption which appeared below this picture says it all : -
“One end of the Hornby-Dublo layout of Brian Mountford, Great Barr, Birmingham. The raised track layout, which has led to the effective introduction of Girder Bridges, although simple in general design, is a very impressive feature.”
They could also have pointed out that the BAYKO models are in the foreground.
MECCANO Magazine June, 1959
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