'Collecting the 1950s'
by Madeleine Marsh

First the details - 'Collecting the 1950s', by Madeleine Marsh, was first published, in 1997, by Miller's [ultimately part of Octopus Publishing Group Limited] and allocated ISBN 0 7537 0766 7.
Front Cover of Collecting the 1950s by Madeleine Marsh

This is a coffee table book which covers the nostalgic world of the 1950s. [I'm not sure it was always so nostalgia inspiring when I was living through it!] It is quite wide ranging in its coverage, with topics from 'Food' to Fashion', and from 'Toys' to 'Textiles'.

In this context, the link to BAYKO is obvious, though, like everything else in the book, its mention is inevitably quite brief, comprising just a single paragraph, very much shared with LEGO : -
“It was not just the adult population who were involved with building new homes after the war. This Bayko Building Set by Plimpton dates from the 1950s and was one of a number of popular toys which allowed children to create their own houses. However, the most significant construction kit to be developed during the period was Lego. Like other classic 1950s designs, Lego was Scandinavian and was launched in 1955 by the Danish firm founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen.”
Page 121 of Collecting the 1950s by Madeleine Marsh
Short and sweet, and not exactly comprehensive, but at least the world's first, and finest, plastic construction toy is not just mentioned, but was even deemed sufficiently important to even merit the inclusion of a BAYKO photograph! [left, bottom right corner]
The actual BAYKO set is shown in the bottom right hand corner of page 121 [left] with a quoted value of “£40 - 50”, a little rich for the set #0 actually shown!
Well that's it I'm afraid, still the recognition is there, and we can hardly complain about the dominance of LEGO, both visually and in the script, were it not for the small technical detail that it wasn't actually launched in the U.K. until the start of the 1960s!
If you know of any other publications which feature BAYKO, no matter how modestly, then I'd love to hear from you…
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