'British Breweries'
An Architectural History by Lynn Pearson

Self-evidently, this is not a title to suggest that it has anything to do with the world's first, and finest, plastic building toy, but it does actually make a couple of references to BAYKO.
But first the details - 'British Breweries, An Architectural History', by Lynn Pearson was published, in 1999, by the Hambledon press and allocated ISBN 1 85285 191 0.
This is a comprehensive treatise on all aspects of architecture and architects associated with those excellent institutions, British Breweries, and, as such, is an interesting and informative read. [I worked in a couple in the 1960s and 1970s.]
Front cover of British Breweries by Lynn Pearson
The link to BAYKO is simple, and a personal one for the author, as she comments on page 227 : -
“The Bayko building toy system was patented in 1935 and produced by the Plimpton Engineering Company of Liverpool; the bricks were originally made of bakelite. It was the most important building toy between the 1930s and the 1950s. The principle of the system was that steel rods slotted into a plastic base plate, and grooved 'bricks' then slid down between them. It was the first introduction to architecture for many children of the 1950s, the author included. For further details, see Malcolm Hanson, BUILDING Toys (Gloucester Folk Museum, 1990), pp. 23-25.”
There is also a brief mention of BAYKO on page 109 [which also points to the above reference] in a discussion on Halliwell's Alexandra Brewery, Bolton, Lancashire : -
“The architect designed the corners of the tower and copper house as attached columns, capped by bold finials rising well above decorative cornices; the (quite pleasing) effect was of a brewery as constructed from a 'Bayko' building set.”
That's it, as far as BAYKO is concerned, but I thoroughly recommend this excellent book.
However, as an additional comment, several members of the BAYKO Collectors Club, at exhibitions, have regularly heard from practicing architects that BAYKO played a significant role in firing their ambition, it's nice to see it formally acknowledged here.
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