BAYKO and War-Time Savings

Thanks to Peter Crook for first seeking out this fascinating item. I wasn't really certain where to put this particular item, but finally decided on the General Interest section, despite the fact that it is an advert…
…after all, it's not an advert for BAYKO or even one of BAYKO's suppliers.
The advert, from the 'Illustrated London News', October 17th, 1942, unmistakably includes a picture of a young lad playing with a pretty large pre-war BAYKO set. the advert is shown courtesy of the British Library, Newspaper Section at Colindale, north London.
The script of the advert, which is laid out below, is self explanatory.
I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

'Illustrated London News' - October 17th, 1942

The advert from the Illustrated London News, October 17th, 1942 showing BAYKO at the top of the image
I'm sorry if this image is too long for your screen, but it occupied a full column and it was difficult to size it and take into account all the variations in computer screens out there. With that in mind, you won't be surprised to know that, given it certainly wouldn't fit your screen, I'm not providing the customary larger version!!!
My apologies for the darkness of the image - that's down to the original print quality, and work of the microfilm photographer, I'm afraid.
The advert script, though it doesn't actually mention BAYKO, non-the-less makes fascinating reading : -
it's just a game to-day
to-morrow he'll be in earnest
His Dad says he's a bright boy with a bright future. But what are his chances of real success? Will he have the opportunity of taking up a career which offers good prospects or will he find himself in a dead-end job - a job uncongenial, unsuitable and uncertain?
Your lad's design for living needs your help. You can lay the foundation stones of his future success now - by saving. save regularly each week. save till it hurts - and each week save more than you saved the week before! Cut down your spending even on “necessities”. Every penny buys guns, planes, tanks, and ships to-day: every penny will help you lad's position in the exciting world of To-morrow.
Secure to-morrow
by saving to-day
The odd hyphenated spelling of “to-day” and “to-morrow” is theirs, not mine. I can only think it was intended to generate emphasis.
The key thing for me is the implicit fact that BAYKO was, at the time, such an accepted part of British life that it was thought to be appropriate for inclusion in such an advert.
I hope you enjoyed that.
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