Reproduction BAYKO Rods

Rods, or Wires as they were known in the earliest BAYKO years, may not be the sexiest part of the BAYKO hobby - but just try building anything without them!!!
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However, if you're planning to build a large BAYKO model successfully, then you're almost certainly going to need longer, replica BAYKO Rods of the CORRECT GAUGE, which is 75 thou [0.075 inches] or 1.905 mm in new money.
1.905 mm or 75 thou
Today's [metric] standard gauge wire is available as either 1.8 mm or 2.0 mm gauge - BEWARE.
1.8 mm Rods fit the Bases easily enough, but provide a very slack fit and unglued models built with this gauge of Rods don't travel well, not good for exhibitions to put it mildly! Unless you're modeling bomb sites!!!
2.0 mm provides a very tight fit for brickwork etc. but won't fit into the Bases, or other holes…
…so each individual Rod end has to be ground down by hand to make it fit(!)…
…or several parts may have to be set aside…
…and some Pillars, End Bricks, Curved Bricks and Windows, etc., won't take them at all!
I've now found a source of replica Rods 1.905 mm - the original 75 thou - the CORRECT GAUGE.
75 thou or 1.905 mm
They are available from me, world-wide, in 1 metre or 2 metre lengths at £1.75 per metre [£1.50 for BAYKO Collectors Club members] plus post and packing. [n.b. 2 metres are nor really post-friendly!]
£1.75 per metre.
I originally had the replica Rods made for my own use - so I can add my personal guarantee that they are the read deal - but I'm more than happy to help fellow modellers, particularly those among us that like to take on a mega-challenge.
Reproduction BAYKO Rods are usually available at BAYKO Collectors Club meetings…
Important reminder - these Rods are the CORRECT GUAGE!

If you can't wait until the next BAYKO Collectors Club meeting, I'm happy to send them anywhere in the world - I've already sent several orders to Australia and New Zealand!
Postage, packing and insurance is entirely dependant on the number and length of the Rods you order, and, of course, where you live. Please note, although perhaps less flexible for you to use, 1 metre lengths are much cheaper to ship.
The next point isn't just a sales gimmick - but you really can save yourself quite a bit of money by planning ahead - doubling an order will often not incur extra postal charges - so you can keep the gross cost per Rod down.
Please email me with details of your requirements, together with your address, and I will let you know the postage charges…
You can pay in two ways : -
By PayPal using my registered email address which is
By Cheque, in which case please expect a brief delay before despatch while I wait for the cheque to clear.

Important reminder - these Rods are the CORRECT GUAGE!

If you use a disc cutter to cut the rods, the cut ends will potentially be very hot, but, unlike mild steel, hot stainless steel does not glow at the temperatures involved here…
I also strongly recommend that you handle newly cut rods with care, and take steps to remove any burrs or sharp edges that your cutting may have created - I personally use a bench grinder, where again the temperature warning applies.
When cutting replica Rods, specifically where the Rod tops will be clearly visible above Brick work, etc., please CUT ACCURATELY…
…an apparently small variation [+ or - 1mm?] in overall length actually looks quite substantial if, say, only 4mm is visible…
…this [+ or - 25%?] would look like Worsel Gummage's teeth - and that ain't good!!
Oh yes - don't forget to take into account the thickness of the intermediate Floors when working out the exact length of the Rods!
To paraphrase the Joiner's / Carpenter's maxim…

To try and help a bit more, you may find it helpful to read two BAYKO Collectors Club articles of mine…


Required height in Bricks
0.75 inches [¾ inch] x the number of Bricks
Allowance for the bit fitted into the Base and 'spare' at the top
0.375 inches [⅜ inch] - the standard used throughout
Allowance for Pre-War Floors
0.03125 inches [1/32 inch] x the number of Floors
Allowance for Post-War Floors
0.015625 inches [1/64 inch] x the number of Floors
Then add 'em up!
The reason I've used imperial measurements is not that I have a 'Little Englander', anti metric mentality, it's simply that all the above dimensions were originally manufactured in inches, so that has to be the most accurate way to calculate the total length - no cumulative translation errors!
Remember - to paraphrase the Carpenter's Maxim - Calculate Twice - Cut Once!

I've now started a service to offer Cut-to-Order Rods from the stock of CORRECT GAUGE replica BAYKO Rods…
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