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A friend pointed out that I'm sitting on a valuable asset - and should be doing something with it! Images of BAYKO documents, like Advertising or Shop Display Items, are routinely offered for sale on eBay. Common sense - rare as it is - suggests that these items must be supplying a market - unless the vendors bash their heads against brick walls in their spare time!
With this in mind, I now offer a service to the BAYKO community by offering to sell a printed copy of each and every image from the BAYKOMAN site for the princely sum of…
£3 for the first…
£2 for the second…
£1 for the rest…
POST FREE, regardless of total number!!!
All images are supplied rolled, in purpose built cardboard tubes.
Significant discounts are available for multiple orders, copies of BAYKO Manuals, etc.

I'll happily supply any image FRAMED, but here, of course, the cost will be totally dependent on : -
The size of the Image concerned.
Whether or not you prefer a card [sub]frame around the Image itself.
Exactly what sort of frame you prefer.
Postage and Packing at cost.
My own experience has been that simple, relatively slim Black or Silver frames, directly around the Image, produce the most effective results, not least because they don't detract from the Images, nor are they likely to clash with any other framed items you are already displaying - and they're usually the cheapest!!!
I use the services of an excellent local gentleman, who has framed many items for my personal use, at very reasonable prices.

To give you some ideas, I have added a few links to pages where you might find the images interesting : -
- and, of course there are many, many more Images available!

To order, please let me know the Page Title(s) and image details, or just let me know what you might be interested in discussing for a discount (!)…
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