The overwhelming intent of this BAYKOMAN site is to accumulate and present, hopefully in an interesting, light-hearted way, information about all things BAYKO, for both the serious and casual modeller.
That was the way I started, and will continue, but I now also plan to branch out slightly and try and help to boost the BAYKO hobby by starting to offer some supporting services, including items for sale, through this BAYKO BAZAAR.
Watch this space - I will gradually increase the range of support I can offer, but, for now, scroll on to find out what is available today.


Brian Salter's book 'Building Toys' from Shire
Brian Salter's excellent book, 'Building Toys' is subtitled 'BAYKO and Other Systems', and is perfectly aligned with the objectives of the BAYKO Collectors Club.
ISBN 978-0-74780-815-2 is printed, in paperback form, by 'Shire Library'.
It's a great read, and very informative, with a dozen pages dedicated to the world's first and finest plastic construction toy, as well as an exploration of many other famous and well-loved building systems such as BRICKPLAYER, LOTT'S BRICKS and MINIBRIX.
As well as being both interesting and entertaining, which you'd expect from Brian, 'Building Toys' provides a very enjoyable hit of nostalgia.
It would make a great present, for yourself, or any construction toy enthusiast!
'Building Toys' is available now, for just £7.50 - POST FREE to the U.K.
You can pay now via PayPal, using the email address
…or email me for overseas postage details, or other information…
To learn a bit more about Brian's excellent book…
148 x 210 mm
5.8 x 8.25 inches

Reproduction BAYKO Rods - 1 or 2 Metre Lengths

I can now supply CORRECT GAUGE, Reproduction BAYKO Rods.
These Rods are available in 1 or 2 metre lengths - so you can build big with ease!
For postal considerations, 2 metre lengths are normally for collection or local collection or delivery only [Cheshire].

Cut-to-Order Service - Reproduction BAYKO Rods

I can now supply CORRECT GAUGE, Reproduction BAYKO Rods, cut to just the size your modelling needs…
…your hands are no longer tied, build just what you want, no more 8-Brick limitations!
For the shorter lengths, genuine BAYKO Rods are also available, and always in stock,

BAYKO Spare Parts - Occasional Items For Sale

Although not a key trade area, I do, from time to time, have BAYKO spare parts for sale…


EVERY BAYKO MANUAL ever produced is available, complete, on standard A4 printer paper, double sided like the original…
40p per side POST FREE.
…an exciting alternative - manuals, in ANIMATED DIGITAL FORM [page turning, etc.] to read easily on P.C., Laptop or Tablet…
…up to £8 per manual…
…depending on size, with reductions for multiple purchases…

BAYKOMAN Images - ALL Site Images Available

There are well over 4,000 Images on, and each and every one of them can be available printed…
and be yours from just £3 for the first
£2 for the second
£1 for the rest
Post and packing FREE, for any number of images.
If you prefer, they can be supplied Framed for an extra charge dependent on the Image size, etc.

1951 BAYKO Model of The Speke Airport Building
Professional Photograph

On of the most iconic BAYKO Supermodels, this 1951 model of the original, Art Deco style Liverpool Airport Building, which is on display in the building itself, which has now become the Liverpool Airport Hotel!
Professional photograph of the Liverpool Airport Building BAYKO model
This professional black and white photo was given to me by 'The Friends of Liverpool Airport', for which much thanks.
This stunning photo is supplied with its own card frame, ready for instant display.
…and it's yours for just £12 - POST FREE to the U.K.

BAYKOMAN Auction Software - Requires Microsoft Excel

Are you a member of an organisation, club or society that sometimes runs auctions as a service for your fellow members? Are you still doing the laborious on-site admin. with paper and pencil - and sweat?
My software works - I've used it regularly for BAYKO Collectors Club Auctions - and it's totally customisable for your club.
This simple, tried and tested, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet gives you everything you need. BAYKOMAN Auction Software works instantly…
and it's yours for just £10.

BAYKO Screensaver

BAYKO brought right up to date - as a Screensaver for your P.C. or Laptop…
…watch as my excellent model of St. BAYKO Cathedral grows before your very eyes!
Yours for just £5.


Although I'm not actually for sale(!) I thought I would finish with an advert of a different kind…
…I regularly enjoy attending toy-based nostalgia-fest Exhibitions and Shows, so you might consider me for your future events.


Artwork beautifully created by the CARNABY STREET GALLERY
BAYKO's nostalgia enhanced and brought beautifully into the modern era!!!
All with a 20% discount, unique to users of
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