For completeness, in addition to this French language document, there are also German and Italian language BAYKO documents in existence, so three of Switzerland's four languages are potentially catered for. I'd bet your last quid that there was never a Romansh edition!
I currently have just one BAYKO document from the Swiss Market, plus information from a second document which, significantly does not include BAYKO.
It looks very much like the association of BAYKO with Switzerland was just short lived, but it's nice to add another country to the family! 

1963 - MECCANO Products Price List - French Language Version

Front page of 1963 Switzerland MECCANO catalogue
1963 Switzerland BAYKO price list
Left BAYKO page of 1963 Switzerland catalogue
Right BAYKO page of 1963 Switzerland catalogue
The above MECCANO ERA document is the standard U.K. catalogue of the same date, but translated into French. The pull-out price booklet [top right] is in Swiss Francs.
Switzerland has three further official languages, German, Italian and Romansh, but I can't tell you, at this stage, whether or not any or all of those languages were catered for - but if I can find them, they will be displayed here…
It's quite possible, leaving the language question aside, that this is the only Swiss document to mention BAYKO, and, if that is the case, then we have to assume that the world's first and finest plastic construction toy flopped in the alps, though it may have been more by close association with MECCANO itself, which too was in terminal decline.
The Swiss BAYKO importer is shown as being : -
BALE, 2.
151 mm x 106 mm = 5.95 x 4.2 inches

1964 - MECCANO Products Price List

This is the Swiss MECCANO General Products catalogue, French language version dated from 1964.
Front cover of the New Zealand edition of the 1964 MECCANO Catalogue
My apologies for any distortion in the image [left] which I have had to 'straighten' from an angled photograph.
The document is like the contemporary U.K. catalogue, except for…
…the sparse display of products forming the loco…
…showing that this version excludes BAYKO!!!
Actually it only mentions MECCANO, though the loco chimney does look like 80% of a BAYKO Canopy!
The local Swiss importer is shown as : -
This is the same importer as that mentioned in the earlier catalogue, though with a different address.
222 mm x 171 mm
7.7 x 6.7 inches

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