BAYKO in Sri Lanka

I'm afraid I currently have no BAYKO related documents from the Sri Lankan market, however, an email from Roger Thiedeman has provided useful information.
Roger spent his formative years in Sri Lanka - known as Ceylon at the time - before emigrating to Australia, in 1972. He now lives in Melbourne.
Cargills Department Store, Colombo, Sri Lanka
His much loved BAYKO was sold off “for a pittance” prior to the move, reaffirming the fact that a buoyant second hand toy market wasn't unique to the U.K.!
Roger reports that his BAYKO sets were bought from CHANDS toys and sporting goods store and/or the CARGILLS department store in Colombo.
I can't find any reference to CHANDS on the net, but [right] is a view of CARGILLS, clearly a substantial operation, shown courtesy of
…an impressive facade don't you think, and an interesting skyline contrast‽
Roger started with a set #0, which was rapidly stretched to a set #3, by acquiring the necessary conversion sets. Apparently the Ceylon government introduced austerity measures in 1961/2 which banned non-essential imports, so it's possible that MECCANO era BAYKO never made it to the local shops - unless, of course, common sense prevailed and BAYKO was recognised as being an essential import!!!
I'm afraid I don't have any more information on BAYKO in Sri Lanka, but if you can help with further details, then I'd love to hear from you…
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