At this stage, from the Spanish market, I have a photocopy of just one document from the Plimpton era, though I wouldn't be surprised if MECCANO didn't trade BAYKO there, though I have no evidence either way.

BAYKO Explanation Sheets - Unknown Date 1947? or 1948?

These two images were discovered recently, in photocopy form, as part of a 'set' of the same document, as translated into four languages - Flemish, French, German and Spanish. If the original was printed in colour, that detail has been lost.
Dating it is difficult as there is no printed information, or at least none that has been preserved, but the basic, unornamented layout suggests austerity, and is, therefore, likely to predate other similar documents.
If you can help date these documents more accurately, then I'd love to hear from you…
Spanish language set contents information, probably from the late 1940s
Spanish language BAYKO description, probably from the late 1940s
The above document, was intended to supplement the English language manuals in BAYKO sets #0 to #3, explaining to the lucky young collector the basics about how to play!
As I said at the begriming of this entry, there are three other versions of this document format…

I have no more information from the Plimpton era…
…but a multi-lingual BAYKO sheet, which I came across in the Liverpool Maritime Museum archives, does include a Spanish language script, which is clear evidence of an intent to support the Spanish BAYKO market…
It is just possible that the above document was intended to support the U.S. markets, though I'm not so sure that the hispanic population was taken so seriously in the 1960s. I also had an email conversation with an elderly gentleman from Argentina, so who knows where this document may have reached! If you have information on any Spanish speaking BAYKO market, then I'd love to hear from you…
Although this comment may not be too well received in Spain, there is evidence of BAYKO from both Portugal and Gibraltar, so it would, perhaps, be surprising if Iberia's biggest market was not covered…
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