I currently have just three BAYKO documents from the New Zealand Market, but I also have a little more supporting information on BAYKO modelling in New Zealand.
Angus Jones owns a pre-war BAYKO set which was bought 20 years ago in a second hand shop. Unfortunately there is nothing to indicate whether this had been a private or a commercial import, we can only guess.

1950s - BAYKO Quality Inspection Slip

BAYKO New Zealand quality Inspection Slip
This item is self explanatory, but, unfortunately, conversion sets don't contain manuals and are therefore undated, however, it fits the peak BAYKO production period from 1949 to 1959.
The Auckland address suggests that Oswald Sealy (New Zealand) Ltd. imported it directly not via the Australian parent company.
The unusual landscape format may indicate that this was printed locally, but I still believe that the inspection process was carried out before despatch from the U.K.
Unless every imported set was opened on arrival, and an Inspection Slip put in, I would assume that these were inserted in Liverpool.
This item is shown courtesy of Angus Jones.

1960s - MECCANO General Products Leaflet

I bought this item via an online link to a conventional U.K. auction.  When I buy like this, or via eBay, I usually know pretty well what I am getting, and will often get the supporting script under way well before Postman Pat completes his task.
Whether or not that's down to childlike or childish over excitement, I'll leave you to judge - but this time, all I had to go on was the auctioneer's script. “A fold-out catalogue for New Zealand containing details of Hornby Dublo, Dinky Toys, Bayko Building Kits, Hornby Speedboats, Hornby Clockwork Trains, Meccano Sets, Circuit 24 and Elektrikit.” Your guess is as good as mine in predicting what was meant be that - there being no precedent that I'm aware of!
When it arrived, it didn't disappoint!  It's a single sheet with one fold across the page, folding it in half, and then two vertical folds, the second, an afterthought as it were, leaving a small overlap of the front cover.  Slide your mouse over the 'Folding Demonstration Image' [below, right], and keep it there, and you'll see what I mean. You will notice that the fold lines are largely ignored in the layout of the fully and partially opened leaflet.
BAYKO New Zealand quality Inspection Slip
Fully open New Zealand 1964 folded leaflet - with an animation which shows how the feaflet is actually folded
New Zealand 1964 Folded Leaflet BAYKO Section
Although the colour scheme varies a little, the artwork on the main part of the 'top cover' was used elsewhere, on a display item meant for use in the toyshop window…
Is this the last printed appearance of a baseball cap, before we forgot which way round to wear it‽
Almost at the bottom of the page, below the lad's feet, is the dealer's overprint : -
Jackson Cycles Ltd,.
99 Karangahape Road,
Which was probably not much more than a mile or so from the New Zealand [Import] Agents : -
P.O. BOX 129,
The BAYKO section [above] sits on the reverse of the leaflet, and, therefore, can't be seen in the 'Folding Demonstration Image', but ends up as the top half of the back panel, above a blacked out CIRCUIT24 section.
This seems to suggest that the artwork for the document, printed in England in May, 1964, may well have been used, by MECCANO, in more than one market.
Prices quoted for BAYKO in the leaflet must be in £NZ as they're numerically significantly higher that the U.K. prices of the day.
The product description reads as follows : -
Open a Bayko Outfit! … there is everything a builder needs … bricks of various shapes and sizes, windows, doors, roofs … all plastic moulded in colours. Build houses, railway stations, airports - anything you like, working from the simple Bayko plans. Girls, as well as boys, enjoy the fun and fascination of this ideal miniature building system.
Unfolded - 492 mm x 372 mm = 19.3 x 14.6 inches
Folded - 199 mm x 186 mm = 7.8 x 7.3 inches

1963 - MECCANO Products Price List

Front page of 1963 New Zealand MECCANO catalogue
1963 New Zealand BAYKO price list
Left BAYKO page of 1963 New Zealand catalogue
Right BAYKO page of 1963 New Zealand catalogue
The above booklet is the standard contemporary U.K. catalogue, with a pull-out price booklet in £NZ and the local importer's address.
151 mm x 106 mm = 5.95 x 4.2 inches

1964 - MECCANO Products Price List

Front cover of the New Zealand edition of the 1964 MECCANO Catalogue
BAYKO page of the New Zealand edition of the 1964 MECCANO Catalogue
The above document is virtually identical to the standard U.K. catalogue of the same date, though my version has no price list…
…but I'm not certain as to whether this means there wasn't one…
…or if it's more likely that mine is missing.
There is no mention of a local importer, but 2 pages bear the rubber-stamped details of : -
222 mm x 171 mm = 7.7 x 6.7 inches

There is further evidence that BAYKO was well used in New Zealand, in a kiwi reader-inspired ‘Architect’ article in 'MECCANO Magazine', in February, 1964
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