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I reaally don't know a lot about the Malaysian BAYKO market, but Winnie Holland, who spent part of her childhood there, tells me that there was certainly a toy shop in Taiping which had an enticing BAYKO display. Presumably it was also for sale as a set #4 duly appeared - courtesy of Father Christmas and Rudolf!
I currently have two BAYKO documents from the Malaysian Market, or Singapore and the Federation of Malaya as it was known at the time : -

1953 - SINGAPORE and the Federation of MALAYA Parts and Sets Price List

A slightly care worn copy of the parts price list  for Singapore and the Federation of Malaya
A slightly care worn copy of the sets price list  for Singapore and the Federation of Malaya
The above document is the standard U.K. price list of the same date, but with local prices and the address of the local importer.
The document is actually date coded July, 1953 and was printed in England.
The use of the English language, with no suggestion that there was a vernacular equivalent, points towards the ex-pat community as being the primary target market.
There is no mention of a local importer on the document, suggesting that the retailers were supplied directly from the U.K.

May, 1962 - MECCANO General Products Price List

Front page of 1962 Malaya and Singapore MECCANO general products price list
This document, which is date-coded May, 1962, is an 8-page document created by folding two separate sheets of paper and then stapling them together.
The contents are market dependant, but the basic format stood MECCANO in good stead over several years, both domestically and across the world.
The BAYKO entry, as for most of the early MECCANO era, was proudly displayed on the front page, of the document, in this case at the bottom of the page.
Click anywhere on the image [left] to view a larger image of the BAYKO section.
It's nice to have this evidence of continuity of supply to Malaya and Singapore - if BAYKO wasn't being supplied, printing the prices in the local dollars would seem to be a bit of a luxury!
An interesting detail here is that set #14C and set #15 are both included in the price list, though they weren't formally launched in the U.K. until August, 1962.
If you click anywhere on the image [left] you will see a larger version of the BAYKO entry in full.
This document was printed in England, and again there is no allusion to a vernacular equivalent.
107 mm x 212 mm
4.2 x 8.3 inches

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