I currently have no BAYKO documents from the Jordanian market, however, thanks to Marwan Nusair, I do have a little information on this BAYKO market in the Hashemite Kingdom.
Marwan tells me that he and his brother had a BAYKO set #3 - indeed he still has the contents - which they shared at their home in Jordan in the mid 1950s.
Marwan isn't 100% certain that his BAYKO was actually bought in Jordan - though he believes it was - as his parents made regular trips to Beirut in neighbouring Lebanon, where we know that BAYKO was available. The post-war British influence in the area was significant, so there is every reason to think Marwan is right.
At the time, MECCANO was imported via Boutagy and Sons, who, I believe were based in Amman. This strongly suggests that they would have imported BAYKO after the takeover. Unfortunately I have no information about who, if anybody, carried out the role on behalf of Plimpton, and don't forget, Plimpton also supplied retailers directly from the U.K.
Marwan now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio in the US, and keeps the BAYKO flag flying there.
If you've any info. on BAYKO in Jordan, I'd love to hear from you…
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