I currently have just one BAYKO-related document from the Hong Kong market, which clearly demonstrates that BAYKO was, indeed, available in this exciting market.
Thanks to Andrew Lance, of the Hornby Railways Collectors Association, for this information.

May 1962, MECCANO General Products Price List

May 1962 Hong Kong MECCANO General Products Price List
The image [left] is the front page of the May, 1962 version of the MECCANO General Products Price List, intended for the Hong Kong market.
The BAYKO section is fairly low down, but, non-the-less, it is on the front page. If you slide your mouse anywhere over the image, you will see it highlighted.
If you then click anywhere on the image, you will see a larger version of the BAYKO section itself.
The full document comprises a total of eight pages, which is presumably indicative of Hong Kong being a successful market for MECCANO's product range. However, the printer's code on the back page [not shown] suggests that only 2,000 of these documents were actually printed!
I believe the document was created with two vertical folds, creating eight pages, while allowing it to be opened out to reveal the original sheet.
The stated availability of both set #15 and set #14C begs the question as to whether export markets were still being prioritised over the U.K. domestic market where the launch was a couple of months later!
Given that we've known for several years that BAYKO was sold in Malaysia and Singapore, both before and after the MECCANO takeover, it doesn't come as a complete surprise that Hong Kong was also covered, at least after the takeover.
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The hand-stamped, overprint entry, which actually overlaps with the BAYKO entry, near the bottom of the sheet, names “SUNNY COMPANY” as being the “Authorised Distributors” based at : -
TEL. 37486 TEL. 60145
Interestingly, Sunny Company still exists, but has done something of a U-turn in-so-far-as they now style themselves as a “manufacturer and exporter”, rather than an importer.
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