BAYKO in Gibraltar

I currently have just one BAYKO document from the Gibraltar market, which comes from the MECCANO era, though the love of Gibraltarians for all things British, suggest, to me, that it is highly likely that it was also available during the Plimpton era.

June, 1962 - MECCANO General Products Price List

Front page of June 1962 Gibraltar MECCANO general products price list
This document, which is date-coded June, 1962, is an 8-page document created by folding [vertically] two sheets of paper and stapling them together.
The contents are market dependant, but the basic format stood MECCANO in good stead over several years, both domestically and across the world.
The BAYKO entry, as for most of the early MECCANO era, was to be found on the front page, in this particular case at the bottom.
Click anywhere on the image [left] to view a larger image of the BAYKO section.
It's nice to have this evidence of what must have been a relatively small BAYKO market in Gibraltar.
An interesting detail here is that set #14C and set #15 are both included in the price list, though they weren't actually launched in the U.K. until August, 1962.
This document was printed in England.
107 mm x 212 mm
4.2 x 8.3 inches

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