BAYKO in the Channel Islands

I'm afraid you're wrong! I do realise that the Channel Island market was not really an export one, but it was, nevertheless, a distinct market, with taxation which was distinct from that in the mainland U.K. market. Well, that's my excuse anyway.
I currently have just one BAYKO document from the Channel Islands market, as well as individual conversations with islanders confirming the BAYKO market in the assorted Bailiwicks.

July, 1961 - MECCANO Era Typed Spare Parts List

Front page of June 1962 Gibraltar MECCANO general products price list
This document, [left] dated July, 1961, is a simple, duplicated, typed sheet, so, perhaps the first question is - “How do I know it's an official document?”
The answer is not absolutely conclusive - but it's been enough to convince me!
The purpose of this document is to provide Channel Island toy shop owners with all the necessary information to manage their stocks of BAYKO spare parts, including order quantities, purchase tax implications, and the individual spare part prices.
It is very similar to a second typed BAYKO sheet, not just with the same date and purpose, but also with the same duplicated typeface, on the same type of paper, though, in this case, it hails from the U.K. domestic market.
Like those cynical old T.V. detectives, I'm afraid I just don't believe in coincidences like this, rather I believe it is significant, and incorporates a common factor - i.e., they are both official documents, from the same source [i.e. MECCANO] albeit unimpressive, duplicated ones.
This particular example [right] has been stuck over the original parts list on a Plimpton era Retail Display Cabinet support card [Ref. 10] dating from the early 1950s
Apart from the damaged card, I actually like this as an example of the no nonsense, practical approach of what I see as a typical shop keeper - making additional, practical use of an otherwise redundant resource - apart from the damaged card!
If you compare the two images of the spare parts list, you'll get an idea of how much work it takes to tidy up an image!
July 1961 Channel Island Spare Parts List on Cabinet Support Card
206 mm x 294 mm = 8.1 x 11.8 inches

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