C.B. Plimpton's [BAYKO Inventor] Obituary
'Games and Toys', February, 1949

Charles Bird Plimpton, BAYKO's inventor, died from tuberculosis on 29th December, 1948, at the age of 55. This was after his T.B. reappeared and finally caught up with him, having, laid him low for some time.
Ironically it had been whilst convalescing from an earlier bout of the same disease that C.B. had actually invented BAYKO.
The following obituary appeared in 'Games and Toys', Britain's leading publication for the toy trade, in February, 1949.

C.B. Plimptons obituary in 'Games and Toys', February, 1949

It is with deep regret that we have to record the passing of Mr. C.B. Plimpton, originator of the Bayko plastic building sets. He crossed the border on December 29th last year after a long illness.

The late Mr. Plimpton was the proprietor of the Plimpton Engineering Co. and was one of the first members of the toy trade to use plastics in toy production.

We learnt that arrangements are in hand for the formation of a new company with effect from April 1st, the title of which will be the Plimpton Engineering Co. Ltd. Mrs. Plimpton, to whom we offer our sincere condolences, will be the governing director and the manager of the company. Mr. R. J. Cowell will be the managing director.

The new directors will endeavour to continue the known desires of the late Mr. Plimpton in regard to “Bayko,” whose keenness for this product was so well known to all who had contact with him.

BAYKO's inventor C.B. Plimpton - thanks to Malcolm Hanson
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