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The purpose of this section is to provide information on the corporate aspects of BAYKO's life, together with collated references to the Plimpton family and their contributions.
BAYKO was produced in Liverpool for almost 30 years, between late 1934 and early 1964 though it seems, now, that a modicum [that's posh for a bit!] of production ran on until 1967.
BAYKO was invented by Charles Bird Plimpton as he convalesced after a serious bout of T.B. in a convalescent home in Ruthin, North Wales
C.B. founded the Plimpton Engineering Company - company number #464,070 - though I'm afraid Company's House can't tell me the exact date as the records have been destroyed - who'd be a researcher‽
The most famous BAYKO model from the 1950s - shown on the main manual and all set boxes
BAYKO was launched on a grateful British public just in time for Christmas, 1934, after some early production problems - though the Plimpton sisters [C.B.'s two daughters] recount tales of 'kitchen table' packing operations in 1933.
Two U. K. patents were granted to Plimpton Engineering, the first in 1935, the second in 1948.
There was a break in production between 1942 and 1946 while, in common with all U.K. industry, resources were redirected in support of the war effort.
MECCANO took over the BAYKO business in 1959, despite the fact that they were in poor shape themselves…
…why, is something of an enigma!
MECCANO themselves were taken over by Lines Brothers in early 1964. Though the last manual was printed in March, 1964, BAYKO was still available for at least three more years and was still [finally] listed in the January, 1967 MECCANO price list.
The Plimpton Engineering Company Limited was formally dissolved on January, 1st, 1964.

If you have any info. on BAYKO's Company during the Plimpton, MECCANO or Lines Brothers ownership…

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