The image [below] is, I suspect, cut down from a larger original, with the people in the centre. It is possible that the lady with the child is Mrs Hodgson [née Ledsham]. The fact that the image's file name contains that information, tells us that, and suggests that Mrs Hodgson was, or had been, an employee of Plimpton, though I can't prove this - so why is it shown here?
It's not immediately obvious, but if you slide your mouse over the image, you'll reveal a lighter version of the image, where the BAYKO van is clearly visible in the background.
I'm not clever enough to identify the van's make and model, but there is no doubt that the 1950s logo / trademark and support art work are clearly visible behind Mrs Hodgson's head.
Sadly a black and white image doesn't really deliver the information we'd all prefer, but, given that the van is a fairly dark colour, Black, Red or even BAYKO-set-Blue are possibilities.
The size of the van suggests it was probably used as a general runabout, in support of local business needs rather than its being part of a national or even a regional delivery system.
If you can help with further information about Mrs Hodgson, other employees, or BAYKO vans, then I'd love to hear from you…
I am indebted to Gary Birch for providing me with this image.

Casual Photograph showing BAYKO Van

It's strange to think that the young lass in the picture has probably retired by now!

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