BAYKO Cabinets and Retail Display Items

This is, in some ways, this is one of the of the Cinderella areas of any BAYKO collection. However, given its fundamental importance, for both Plimpton and MECCANO, in driving their business forward they deserve serious consideration.
Moreover, it offers an important historical perspective in showing how BAYKO and, by association, similar toys were actually sold to the public in the middle third of last century.
BAYKO Retail Cabinet
The evolutionary steps towards modern retailing are there to be seen.
Retail Cabinets were certainly the norm after the war and existed before the war as well…
Retail Cabinet contents varied considerably over the life of the product…
In the late 1950s, and again in the 1960s, Retail Display Packs were used to sell spare parts direct to the public.
Though only rarely openly displayed, BAYKO literature played a key part in the retail operation…
BAYKO display shelves in cardboard
Like MECCANO, large models, though not strictly for retail display, did form part of Plimpton's exhibition marketing policy for BAYKO
Unlike MECCANO, large models as the centrepiece of retail promotions were never a key feature of BAYKO retailing, however, smaller models were used routinely often built by the retailer…
There was support for BAYKO retailers in the form of Display Shelves to provide in store displays of the world's favourite construction toy…
There were also a variety of Display Items made available to BAYKO retailers, at different times, to help them beautify their shops and windows - and of course sell more BAYKO
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