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I'm afraid it appears that Cooke's of Manchester is no longer trading, indeed, I suspect they were always a relatively modest operation. However, as we can see [below right] they were sufficiently savvy to include the world's first and finest plastic construction toy as part of their offering, even if it was only a small mention at the bottom of the last page.
To modern eyes, the fact that they were predominantly a sports equipment shop but sold toys as well may seem a little odd, but this was a relatively common combination in the past, and is not unknown today, perhaps stemming from the ambiguous sport/toy labelling of footballs or table tennis, for example.
I'm afraid I can add no more information about Cooke's of Manchester, except to say that the operated from : -
26 John Dalton Street,
Manchester 2.
The prices quoted for the BAYKO sets applied between February, 1955 and the MECCANO takeover in 1959.
The catalogue was printed by Harry Williams (Ashton-Under-Lyne) Ltd., who also seem to have gone out of business.
If you can help with more information about Cooke's of Manchester, I'd love to hear from you…

Cooke's of Manchester Catalogue front cover
Cooke's of Manchester Catalogue front cover
232 mm x 153 mm = 9.125 x 6.0 inches
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