BAYKO's First Appearance - October, 1934
The 'Toy Trader'

As far as I've been able to ascertain, and believe me I really have tried, this is the very first published mention of the world's first, and finest, plastic construction toy anywhere! The publication, 'The Toy Trader', was a key publication for the U. K. toy trade.
I feel a little uncomfortable that I may be about to let you down somewhat as the mention of BAYKO in this instance is very limited…
…never-the-less, what we have here is a quick announcement to the U. K. toy trade, proclaiming that Charles bird Plimpton has been granted trademark protection for the name BAYKO under the general grouping of ”Games and Toys”.
The item refers to trademark #552,209, granted on September 12th, 1934, the patents were granted later…
The image below shows the announcement just as it appeared in the October edition of 'Toy Trader' , the full text is set out below…
…it's at the top of the second column…
…slide your mouse over the image to highlight the BAYKO announcement.
Try to avoid being totally overcome by your understandably, intensely emotional response to BAYKO's public debut!!!

BAYKO's Debut

October, 1934 issue of The Toy Trader Page 62 - the first ever published mention of BAYKO I've found to date.
The script is simple and concise : -
552,209 - Toys and Games - Charles Bird Plumpton,
39, Hamilton Road, Wallasey, Cheshire, September 12th.
Shame about the ”Plumpton” typo - but, non-the-less, the first ever published mention of BAYKO.

BAYKO was a regular advertiser in 'Toy Trader'
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