BAYKO in 'Games and Toys', April 1935 -
British Industries Fair Report

Just a gentle reminder that, for its first few years, BAYKO marketing was handled, on behalf of Plimpton Engineering, by Berwicks, an established, Liverpool based company, presumably allowing Plimpton themselves to get on with the serious business of developing and manufacturing the world's first, and finest, plastic construction toy.
British Industries Fair Report, February, 1935 commenting on the BAYKO display onm the Berwicks Toys stand
This is a copy of a report, on the 1935 British Industries Fair, in the April edition of 'Games & Toys', the leading publication for the U.K. toy trade…
…it includes a mention of BAYKO - on the Berwick's stand, number K7 at the B.I.F.
Berwick and Co.
The above stand displayed the new constructional toy ”Bayko”. Models constructed with this outfit were much admired. ”Bayko” is different in many ways from the constructional toys already on the market. In the first place, the parts are manufactured from BAKELITE, and therefore the models themselves, when constructed, are light, hygienic and, an important point, fire proof. The method of construction is unique, and when constructed they are rigid and realistic in appearance. The pieces naturally give the models a very attractive finish. Realistic models of houses and buildings were displayed, and we were not surprised to learn that considerable interest was shown in this line.
Another positive write-up in the UK's leading publication for the toy trade which must have helped BAYKO achieve its almost 100% penetration of U. K. toy shops and the toy departments of major stores.
BAYKO became a regular advertiser in 'Games and Toys'
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