BAYKO in 'British Toys', September 1956

This is the just second mention of BAYKO to appear in 'British Toys', which was[then] a relatively new publication for both the British and European toy trades.
'British Toys' was now almost two years old and this article formed part of a two month feature on “Constructional Systems”.
Please don't think, when you read the text of the article below that I have lost the ability to spell - “Bayco” is their spelling, not mine!
British Toys September, 1956 full page showing the article and a BAYKO advert
The full text of the article reads as follows : -
The Plimpton Engineering Company Limited have developed a very ingenious constructional system in which compression moulded plastics bricks, roofs, windows, doors, etc., are combined with steel rods and tie bars to produce realistic and strong buildings of all types. They market no less than nine kits, of which four are conversion kits which enable a standard set to be increased to the next larger set of the range. The various parts are moulded in either red, white or green, and their accuracy of shape is excellent. we could not fault any assembly sequence, and the model Yacht Club Boat House which we decided to build, literally fell together.
Every “Bayco” model is assembled on the moulded bases supplied in the kits, and the steel locking rods are plugged into holes at appropriate spacings and bricks dropped between them into position. Doors and windows are added in like manner, whilst the sheet metal tie bars are used to align and reinforce corners and act as lintels above doors and windows. The accurately worked out combinations of bricks, end bricks windows and doors also enables innumerable interesting buildings to be designed by the constructor himself, and the system appears to have very few limitations. In fact, as the wonderful model of New York's Empire State Building shown at the last B.I.F. contained no less than 18,000 “Bayco” standard parts and was 8ft. 6in. in height, we are tempted to say that the system has no limitations whatsoever! The kits are very neatly displayed in strong colour-printed boxes, and represent very good value. Included with each is a full-colour instruction booklet, which illustrates and describes a multitude of models which can be made with the “Bayco” sets. Each illustration is accompanied by a scale floor plan which facilitates construction. An additional sales point of these kits is the fact that as many as three of the smaller models can be made at once from the parts supplied. No cement or adhesives are required for any model, as every part interlocks with its neighbours.
Almost exactly in the middle of the second paragraph above is a reference to “the wonderful model of New York's Empire State Building shown at the last B.I.F.” Subsequent research has cast severe doubt on this statement…
The caption to the illustration which accompanies the article is as follows : -
A bay-fronted house by “Bayko”. This model is typical of the many realistic buildings easily constructed with the ”Bayko” sets.
Well, at least the caption writer at 'British Toys' could spell!!!
A further point of interest is that the BAYKO advert for that month appears on the same page, in the bottom right hand corner.
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