BAYKO Adverts in the Cinema

BAYKO was advertised widely in various parts of the UK press in the 1950s and early 1960s, and possibly pre-war. I'd also heard apocryphal tales of BAYKO adverts in Cinemas, but have been able to find no evidence - nor does my 'matinee memory' help at all...
...and that, I thought, was that - until I received an email from Andrew Lance, with the images [below].
They were snatched from a well known auction site, sadly just after the auction closed, but thanks to Andrew, for spotting their significance.
The observant among you will notice that the slides below speak with an Australian accent, but the technology and principals are the same.
These slides would normally have been used, either individually, or as part of an advertising slide show, in the run up to the film programme.

Australian BAYKO Cinema Advert
Cinema glass slide as viewd from the Front
Cinema glass slide as viewd from the Rear
Viewed from the Front
Viewed from the Rear
Both the images [above] are taken from ordinary photos, taken from an angle, so have had to be 'distorted' back to their rectangular shape.
The slide was produced by Gunn's Slides for Cyril F. Noisette, of North Fitzroy, both being Melbourne based companies. Sadly C.F.N., were 'derigistered' as a company [a recognised Australian process] as late as 2015 - if only!
I've obviously no means of knowing if the slide was ever used in anger, though it's an expensive luxury to have bought if it wasn't!
The fact that the slide still has its protective, branded, paper surround may mean that this was a spare [again a luxury, perhaps - but it's certainly possible that a spare was a necessary precaution]. The paper surround may even have helped hold the slide more rigidly in the projector.
I'm afraid I can't tell you anything about the size of the slide, it may well be the same as ordinary photographic slides, but, I honestly don't know why or where from, I have an A5 [paper size] image in mind - I'd love to hear from you if you know better!
There's not a lot that I can add about the details of the slide contents that you can't see for yourself - if you slide your mouse over either of the images and left click, you will launch a larger version. However, I must say I love the brief tag line, shown to the right of the main model : -
The Model and the BAYKO Logo, on the slide, scream 1950s and that's as near as I can get to an accurate date, though the word "LATEST" [above] draws me very much to the earliest part of the decade, if not even earlier, into the late 1940s - I'm sorry to be so vague.

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