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Sadly, this is likely to prove to be a relatively short section, I suspect you can already guess why! Over the centuries, I've come across just a couple of people, who have enjoyed the same BAYKO addiction that I do, which sharpened their memories, and enabled them [at the time] to both register, and commit to memory, seeing Television Adverts for the world's first, and finest, plastic construction toy.
Sadly [again] their memories are much more of the event rather than of either the advert's actual contents, or its timing. For this reason, I can offer no information about either the dating, or the details, of these adverts,  but merely record the fact that they were, indeed, transmitted, even if it was to a largely oblivious audience.
TV with questionmark on the screen
I have tried to follow up these 'sightings' by contacting the National Museum of Advertising [now restyled as the National Science and Media Museum] which is based in Bradford. Unsurprisingly, [glass half empty!] they have neither a copy of, nor any record of, a BAYKO T.V. Advert.
The people concerned lived either side of the Pennines during their childhood, so we can reasonably deduce that both GRANADA and YORKSHIRE TELEVISION carried BAYKO adverts. This, in turn, may point to probable T.V. Adverts elsewhere, particularly the key population centres around London and Birmingham. Alas [and alack‽] I've no evidence, but there is perhaps an outside chance that you may have long hidden memories of seeing BAYKO Adverts on T.V. during your youth, if so, I really would love to hear from you…
Of course [in my dreams, at least] you'll not just remember the adverts, but also have a 'long lost' video-taped recording of an episode of your favourite I.T.V. television programme, with a BAYKO Advert in the break, which has languished [under piles of the proverbial junk] in your attic, or cellar, for several thousand years, so…
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