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Firstly, let me declare my vested interest - my ex wife, Diana, is Welsh and a I spent several very enjoyable years living in Wrexham, which, for the uninitiated, is in North Wales - just!
My time to explore Welsh libraries has been more than somewhat limited, but, below, are the only examples of BAYKO's Welsh presence I've been able to find thus far.
The haul from the archives in Wrexham Museum - yes, the museum not the library - is limited by any standards.
I'm sure there must be other examples from other Welsh towns, cities or regions, why not add your local paper to the site…
There are also other pages showing BAYKO advertising in newspapers : -

'Wrexham Leader'

December 18th, 1953
December 7th, 1963
Walter Roberts advert, including BAYKO, from the Wrexham Leader, December, 18th, 1953
MECCANO product range advert, including BAYKO, from the Wrexham Leader, December, 7th, 1963

Well, that's it, I'm afraid, just 2 adverts which mentioned BAYKO.

I'm sorry that the image [right] is so dark, I'm afraid that's down to the quality of the original microfilm photography, but you can see the same advert as printed in the Scottish adverts section…

…click here to see the Scottish example.

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