BAYKO Adverts in 'TIGER'

Obviously BAYKO was advertised widely in various parts of the UK press in the 1950s and early 1960s. Some, like those in the 'TIGER', generated what we now call 'pester power', others were aimed head on at parents.
'TIGER' was very much a product of the post-war 'baby boom' having been launched on 11th September, 1954 and surviving up to 30th March, 1985. Unarguably a boy's comic, 'TIGER' majored on sport compared with the sci-fi theme of 'EAGLE' with which it eventually merged, gradually slipping from its initial equal billing until its final death on 14th June, 1988.
I've only unearthed one 'TIGER' BAYKO advert so far, but I'd love to add more…

November 12th, 1960

MECCANO era advert from page 7 of the November 12th, 1960 issue of GIRL.
I don't know if it's just a coincidence, but the only advert I've unearthed in 'GIRL' comic was on exactly the same date.
The advert itself is almost identical to one in 'EAGLE' three weeks later, though the layout of the three models is a little different.
The script reads as follows : -
You go to work like a real builder!
Open a box of Bayko parts. There's everything there a builder needs. Bricks of many sizes, complete windows, doors (the double ones open!), roofs, arches, even a TV aerial - everything plastic-moulded in full colour and perfect detail. Then you're off! Working like a professional, from the clear and simple Bayko plans, to make houses, railway stations, airports - anything you like. It's remarkable how good Bayko buildings look with your other models, Hornby-Dublo trains, Dinky Toy cars, etc. Remember Bayko, when Christmas ideas are wanted. It's the toy that never tires - because it's always ready when you are to build something new!
Look how it rises. You work from foundations to roof, laying your bricks and fitting your windows and doors in the framework of metal rods you've built up. Everything fits smoothly and accurately into place to become a sturdy, life-like building in miniature.
You'll build it better with BAYKO.
Bayko sets cost from 9/11 to 39/6. Accessory outfits, which enable main sets to be converted to the next size up, are available from 7/6.

The information on set prices in the advert quotes “9/11 to 39/6” which implies sets #11 to #14 were available, though information from elsewhere suggests that only sets #11 and #12 were released in time for Christmas, 1960. The accessory set information is [deliberately?] more vague, suggesting only “from 7/6”, which means, I believe, that set #11C was available, and possibly #12C, but I doubt very much if anything else was available.
You may find it interesting to compare this advert with one clearly aimed at the female of the species, in 'GIRL' comic on the same day…
I'd love to add more 'TIGER' adverts, so if you've any copies of 'TIGER' with BAYKO adverts, which I could scan for inclusion here, then I'd love to hear from you.
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