BAYKO Adverts in 'HOTSPUR'

Evidently, BAYKO was advertised widely in various parts of the UK press in the 1950s and early 1960s. Some, like those in the 'HOTSPUR', generated what we now call 'pester power', others were aimed head on at parents.
'HOTSPUR' was produced by D.C. Thompson Ltd. on 1933 and survived until 1959, as a a boy's story paper, though wartime paper shortages forced it to alternate with the 'WIZARD' for the duration. It was then relaunched, as a comic, in 1959, surviving until January, 1981. During this period it was merged with the 'HORNET', in 1976, and with the 'CRUNCH', in 1980.
I've only unearthed one 'HOTSPUR' BAYKO advert so far, but I'd love to add more…

BAYKO advert in HOTSPUR comin, December 17th, 1955, page 49

1953 - December 17th

The first, and perhaps most obvious comment is that the advert here [left] is identical to those used in a number of other publications of the period.
This particular advert appeared on page 49 of the December 17th, 1955 edition of the 'HOTSPUR' comic.
The script is simple and to the point, and reads as follows : -
This Signal Box is one of the many 'line' side models made from a No. 2 Bayko Set.
Everybody is fascinated by Railways. Beat your friends to it and build your own RAILWAY STATIONS, SIGNAL BOXES, BOOKING HALLS, RAILWAY BRIDGES, etc., with a BAYKO BUILDING SET.
The advert then goes on to list the prices of all the BAYKO sets and conversion sets.
This advert is a classic example of the use of the ongoing play value of completed models to help drive sales.
So far this is the only 'HOTSPUR' BAYKO advert that I've found, I will add any others as they emerge.
If you have any other issues of 'HOTSPUR' containing a BAYKO advert, then I'd love to hear from you…
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