BAYKO Adverts in 'GIRL'

Naturally BAYKO was advertised widely in various parts of the UK press in the 1950s and early 1960s. Some, like those in the 'GIRL', generated what we now call 'pester power', others were aimed head on at parents.
'GIRL' was one of the first of a new generation of comics in the 1950s and 1960s with adventure stories as well as straight cartoon strips - not all the girls' parents approved!
It's good to see that BAYKO continued to be targeted reasonably evenhandedly to both sexes…
For the record, we now know that this advert formed one part of a 'three pronged' attack on the Christmas toy market, via children's comics, in support of the T.V. advertising programme…

November 12th, 1960

MECCANO era advert from page 7 of the November 12th, 1960 issue of GIRL.
This is, as far as I can determine, the first - and last - advert from 'GIRL', and it clearly dates from the MECCANO era - the November 12th, 1960 issue to be precise.
Well, I really think we should congratulate Mr. MECCANO on this one!
He has clearly striven manfully [please excuse the sexist phrase] to resist the temptation to patronise the juvenile members of the fair sex.
It is self evident that the ickle kitty-witty is absolutely essential to the theme of the advert, and really shows off the model [which it only slightly dwarfs] to the optimum effect!
Nice one Mr. MECCANO!
At least he does deserve some 'Brownie points' for advertising directly to girls - shame about the attitude.
For the record, the complete script on the advert reads as follows : -
“What sort of house would you like?”
“Do you often think of the kind of house you'd choose if you could have one built. With the new Bayko outfits you can yourself build and re-build any number of houses, bungalows and garages. Bayko parts are made from strong, moulded plastic: they are in lovely colours and life-like detail. The models are easy to set up and sturdy when built. You can take the roof off to get inside, windows have “glass” in them, the double doors open and there's even a TV aerial to go on the chimney.”
“Remember Bayko when Christmas ideas are wanted. It's the toy that never tires, because the models are wonderful to play with and Bayko is always ready when you are to build something new.”
It's just a shame that Mr. MECCANO didn't pay as much attention to the photo as he did to the script…
…if he had, he may have seen that the pillar was the wrong way round…
…and that it is, in fact, a Plimpton era pillar!
Thanks to the eagle eyes of Chris Boutal for noticing this one.
We now know that this advert was intended as support for Mr MECCANO's 1960 T.V. advertising schedule…

You may find it interesting to compare this advert with one clearly aimed at the male of the species, in 'TIGER' comic on the same day…
If I'm wrong, and you've any copies of 'GIRL' with BAYKO adverts, which I could scan for inclusion here, then I'd love to hear from you.
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