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Have you ever wondered how your local shop manages to get top brand images in their own adverts in the local newspaper? There are plenty of examples of local toy shops having done just this, in the past, including many with BAYKO, so how was it done? Well, I'm afraid I've no evidence for what happened during the Plimpton era, but I have for the MECCANO era, and I can think of no logical reason why there would have been a significantly different strategy in earlier years. Today, of course, electronics prevail.
The BAYKO Advertising Blocks information arrived in the toyshop owners hands, as part of Mr MECCANO's general communication and support programmes for their whole product range.
Advertising Blocks animation showing all eight pages
The images below show the leaflet's front page [below, right], entitled “Advertisement Blocks for MECCANO Dealers”, and the back page [below, left] which includes the BAYKO information and carries the date code for September, 1961.
The leaflet itself is printed, double sided, in black ink on glossy white paper and is a long sheet folded in half, then folded in half again, creating eight pages. It can then simply be pulled out to full length, allowing all eight pages to be read. When folded up, the BAYKO page forms the back, with the 'script' page at the front.
The other six pages are included in the small animation [right] which is shown here, in no particular order, not just for completeness, but also to give you a flavour of the full leaflet and the MECCANO product ranges it covered.
BAYKO shares its page with HORNBY SPEED BOATS, and the remaining product range is covered on the other seven pages. If you would like to know more about, or get a copy of, any of  the pages from the leaflet, then I can make them available to you if you wish…
As an aside, I actually own one of these BAYKO Advertisement Blocks, but the very nature of the beast makes it extremely difficult to photograph - I even tried a local professional [who I will not name!] and he couldn't do it - all you get is a lump of metal, so, I've no image for you, I'm afraid.
This document is shown courtesy of Andy Horner of the HORNBY Railways Collectors Association U.K.

Back page of the MECCANO Advertising Blocks list, September, 1961
Front page of the MECCANO Advertising Blocks list, September, 1961
172mm x 236mm = 6.8 x 9.3 inches

The following explanatory script is what appears on the front page of the leaflet : -
In addition to our nation-wide campaigns on TV, Meccano Products are advertised in specialist and young peoples' publications throughout the year, and in selected provincial newspapers prior to Christmas. Progressive Dealers can turn to their advantage the public interest thus aroused by placing small advertisements in their local newspaper, associating themselves with these popular goods. This folder illustrates a selection of printing blocks that will help Dealers to make their advertisements interesting and attractive. All the subjects are the same size as the illustrations (unless stated otherwise). Several are complete advertisements in themselves, and it is only necessary for the newspaper publishers to set in type the dealers' name and address in the space provided.
Complete advertisement subjects will be readily recognised by the prefix 'Ad' in the reference.
The range has been chosen with newspaper advertising in view. We would like our Dealer friends to know we have, additionally, a large stock of blocks which are especially suited to catalogue work on high grade paper. Further particulars will be supplied on request. The service of our Advertising Department is always at the disposal of Meccano Dealers for the preparation of layouts and copy for advertisements, catalogue, etc.
All blocks are available on free loan to Dealers on the understanding that they are not used in connection with goods other than those manufactured by us.
I think that says it all - nice one Mr. MECCANO. Just one super-nerdy note - the use of the phrase "on free loan", is new, elsewhere, as far as my highly fallible memory is concerned, the ubiquitous phrase is "free on loan". Well, I did warn you!
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